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History & Governance

At Potomac Crescent Waldorf School, we educate the whole child in a nurturing, creative community. We offer Waldorf Early Childhood and Elementary programs through Grade 5 in Northern Virginia. Our programs are true to Rudolph Steiner’s educational philosophies of experiential learning, and we support age-appropriate activities that foster a lifelong love of learning.


Our school was founded in 1997 by Waldorf teachers and parents, and named for the bend in the nearby Potomac River. Our first Parent-Child classes began in private homes. Three years later, we started renting space in the education wing of the Mount Vernon Baptist Church. Currently we are located in the education wing at Fairlington Presbyterian Church, where our history is still growing. Our address is 3846 King Street in Alexandria, VA, 22302. Visit us!

Our Leadership Model & Our Community

We use consensus-based decision-making in each sphere of our leadership. Our Faculty focus on pedagogy, our Administration manages the day-to-day operations of the school, and our Board of Directors manages legal and financial matters pertaining to the school. Meanwhile, our Core Group (Faculty Chair, Board Chair, Administrative Chair) meets regularly to discuss school-wide issues. Many of our decisions take place on the committee-level, as well.

Parent Association

Our Parent Association is active in our school’s life with outreach, festivals, development, the spring bonfire and dance, and also within their child’s particular class. PA Co-Chairs and Class Representatives work together to keep communications strong within the parent body. Our parent community is essential to the life of Potomac Crescent Waldorf School, and we are lucky to have a strong alumni network, as well.

Our Offerings

IMG-18While we offer full and half-day Early Childhood and Elementary programs through Grade 5, we also offer many community events. Additionally, our Faculty has many years of experience teaching, studying and working with parents. As a result, they work with children in an attitude of reverence and children love our programs.

Early Childhood programs at PCWS balance the developing child’s needs with the needs of a class. Similarly, Elementary programs offer each child a great deal of individual attention and children work together on numerous projects. Lastly, we offer Extended Care options for both Early Childhood and Elementary students.

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IMG-27Waldorf schools offer a developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education. They integrate the arts and academics for children from preschool through twelfth grade. The aim of the education is to inspire life-long learning in each student and enable them to fully develop their unique capacities.

Founded in Germany in the early 20th century, Waldorf Education is an independent and inclusive form of education based on the insights and teaching of the renowned anthroposophist, artist, and scientist, Rudolf Steiner. Evolving from a profound understanding of the human spirit and human development, Waldorf Education is regionally adaptive and has grown to include hundreds of schools worldwide.

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Potomac Crescent Waldorf School is a member of the independent Waldorf Schools of North America.